Shane AO Electronics

Overall Block Diagram, EL-3801


Schematic: schematics\SAO_block_sh_1.pdf
Page last updated: April 3, 2012


Simplified drawing


The AO instrument motion control system is shown on the first sheet of this schematic.




Sheet 2, Galil #1 SAO_block_sh_2.pdf



Sheet 3, Galil #2 SAO_block_sh_3.pdf



Sheet 4, Galil #3 SAO_block_sh_4.pdf



Sheet 5, Galil #4 SAO_block_sh_5.pdf



Sheet 6, New Focus Controller Sheet 6 SAO_block_sh_6.pdf


Sheet 6 shows a diagram of



Sheet 7, Newport Filter Wheels Sheet 6 SAO_block_sh_7.pdf


Sheet 7 shows a diagram of