This section contains descriptions of the temperature sensing system for the ADC project. It corresponds to the 'Temperature' tab in the schematics binder.

Temperature sensor wiring, EL-3606
Temperature sensor module, EL-1356

Schematic: schematics\ADC_temperature.sch.pdf
Page last updated: February 11, 2005

As shown on the EL-3606 drawing, the temperature sensor wiring consists of, in this case, a plug in module that connects directly to the Analog connector on the Galil AMP-19520. The module is a simple board with a 4 op-amps that set the gain of each of the 4 inputs. These signals are then feed into the first four analog input of the Galil. The first input, ANALOG IN 1, is connected to the LM35 solid-state temperature sensor that is mounted on the module and is meant to read the ambient temperature around the control electronics. The second and third inputs connect to ANALOG IN 2 and ANALOG IN 3 and are available, via separate DB9P connectors, for use as needed. The last channel, ANALOG IN 4 carries the voltage level derived from the 24V servomotor power supply. The gain of this channel is selected so that a voltage level from the power supply of 24 volts will be presented to the ADC as 5 volts, the middle of the range of the ADC. As shown on the drawing the module uses the controller's +/-12V supply (for the op-amps) and the +5V (for the LM35 sensors).