ESI CCD Electronics Manual

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Schematic Description Description

EL-Number Documents   Description Date Modified
EL-3270   Utility board signal assignments 01-25-00
EL-3271   Clock board signal assignments 01-25-00
EL-3282   Video board signal assignments 01-25-00
EL-3273   Interconnection diagram 02-07-00
EL-3274   ESI dewar cabling 02-07-00
EL-3275   Chassis signal wiring 05-07-98
EL-3165   Chassis AC power distribution 09-08-97
EL-3177   MITLL ESI Configuration 10-22-97
EL-3172   61 Pin cable connector signals 06-11-97
EL-3186   CCD 61-pin cable wiring 03-25-99
EL-3173   17 Pin cable connector signals 10-22-97
EL-3185   CCD 17-pin cable wiring 03-25-99
EL-1221   CCD Pre-amplifier 10-03-97
EL-1227   Dewar/Hermetic connector 09-30-97
EL-1240   MITLL CCD Interconnect - ESI 11-24-97
EL-1198   Power monitor Mark II 04-25-96
EL-3191 EL-3191, 17-pin connector and power filter board   17-pin connector/power filter board 08-04-97
EL-3192   61-pin connector/analog switch board 10-08-97
EL-3193   Utility support board 09-26-97
EL-3194   61-pin cable interconnect board 10-17-97
EL-3195   Power and miscellaneous signal interconnect board 07-26-99
EL-3198 EL-3198, Clock interconnect board   Clock cable interconnect board 09-30-97
EL-3199 EL-3199, Bias level interconnect board EL-3199, Bias voltage interconnect board   Bias cable interconnect board 05-07-97


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