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NOTE: These schematics are in .pdf form. You need Acrobat reader 3.0 installed in order to see them. Also, watch the title block in the lower righthand corner for the number of sheets - if it's more then one, i.e. 1 of 2, scroll your Acrobat reader down for more pages.

Page last updated: 2-18-99

Drawing File Title Date Modified
EL-1169-1D-A CONN1 Signal assignments, motor controller #1 02-16-99
EL-1199-1D-B CONN2 Signal assignments, motor controller #2 02-16-99
EL-1169-1D-C GRLIMITS Blue and Red Grating Limit Switch Layouts  
EL-1169-1D-D RINGDIAG Top ring block diagram  
EL-1169-1D-E SPECWIR Spectrograph wiring block diagram  
EL-1169-1S-A FOCUS Prime Focus stage wiring 02-16-99
EL-1169-1S-B ADC1 ADC #1 stage wiring 02-17-99
EL-1169-1S-C ADC2 ADC #2 stage wiring 02-17-99
EL-1169-1S-D RGRATING Red grating stage wiring 02-17-99
EL-1169-1S-E RENCOD Red grating stage encoder wiring 02-18-99
EL-1169-1S-F BGRATING Blue grating stage wiring 02-17-99
EL-1169-1S-G BENCOD Blue grating stage encoder wiring 02-17-99
EL-1169-1S-H ??? ???  
EL-1169-1S-I REDARM Red arm stage wiring 02-18-99
EL-1169-1S-J BLUEARM Blue arm stage wiring 02-17-99
EL-1169-1S-K SFOCUS Spectrograph focus stage wiring 02-18-99
EL-1169-1S-L CTRLBOX Manual control box wiring 02-18-99
EL-1169-1S-M RORJBOX Readout room junction box wiring 02-18-99
EL-1169-1S-N RINGJBOX PF Ring junction box wiring -
EL-1169-1S-O COMM Communications wiring 02-18-99
EL-1169-1S-P LAMP Lamp wiring  
EL-1174-1S-A DCMOTOR1 DC motor control card motor drive control  
EL-1245-1W IntCable MOS Dewars 60-pin to 61-pin cable  

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